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I've been teaching guitar and composition professionally for the last 15 years and have created teaching materials and an effective method for learning most styles on the instrument. Students usually come to me here at my studio in Chiswick, West London, as I have everything necessary for performance, recording and sequencing etc.


As well as teaching guitar and composition I can also give instruction in the use of Protools, basic engineering and sound recording techniques and also production, having just co-produced the first SILENCE|BEYOND album, "The Open Secret" with Rob Strauss at Wax Studios. 


I love teaching, performing and writing music and I believe I've always managed to inspire my students no matter what level they're at. I have very advanced students and also total beginners, and I particularly enjoy working with adults who are starting to study music seriously for the first time. 

So, if learning the guitar is something you have always wanted to do or if you already play but wish to improve jazz/pop/blues knowledge, or if you're an advanced player and have specific questions relating to certain styles or techniques, then I have an extremely effective method of teaching that incorporates harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic aspects which I can tailor to suit your needs.


I am a busy performer, teacher and composer, and have been working in London for 15 years after graduating from the Musicians Institute.  I have a particular passion for blues, jazz and rock-fusion but am happy to work within any style. 




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